Register Fees

Fees: Effective 1 January 2019 including VAT

New practice scutiny fee N$5000.00
New member application fee N$1500.00
Annual registration fee In-trainee N$2000.00
Annual registration fee-Professionals N$3750.00
Examination fee N$2000.00
Remark fee N$2000.00
N$5000.00 for a re-registration fee applicable if individual registration has been deregistered.

Please Note the following

  • Note that the above fees are VAT inclusive
  • As of January 2019 all fees to be paid electronically
  • No cash payments will be accepted at the NCAQS offices
  • Any payments made by direct deposit or cheque will be subjected to a transactional fee

I trust the above is in order. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to write to the offices of the Council