07 June 2018 – 24 May 2020

1. NCAQS Council Members:
  • Lesley Hindjou (President)
  • Toini Kondjeni Nkandi (Vice President)
  • Manda Bakkes (Registrar)
  • Philip Main (Treasurer)
  • Shaun Jarmann (Member)
  • Deharno Kloppers (Member)
  • Sonya van Eijden (Member)
  • Lucia Haufiku (Member)
  • Theodora Tshilunga (Member)
  • Mario Shilongo (Member)
  • Dawn Adams (Member)
  • Nekwaya Agapitus (Member)
2. The Exco Sub-Committee:

2.1 Current sub-committee members:

  • L Hindjou (Chairperson)
  • K T Nkandi (Vice-President)
  • M Bakkes (Registrar)
  • P Main (Treasurer)

Sub-Committee duties:

  • Meet on a monthly basis to discuss any urgent matters at hand and ensure the smooth running of the office. i.e. payments are done.
3. The Registration Sub-Committee:
(Acting as per Clause 7(1)(h), I, j, k, 11 and 19 of the Act 13 1979)

3.1 Current sub-committee members:

  • M Bakkes (Registrar – Chairperson)

Sub-Committee duties:

  • The Registration sub-committee is responsible for the Guidelines for Registration.
  • Registration of Architects, Quantity Surveyor, Architects and Quantity Surveyors-in-training.
  • Reviewing old members Registration status upon application.
  • Update the ‘Guides and Rules for the Assessment for Professional Competence’.
  • Review logbooks of Quantity Surveyors-in-training.
  • Review logbooks of Architects -in-training.
4. The Qualification (Validation) Sub-Committee:

(Acting as per Clause 11 of the Act 13 1979)

4.1 Current sub-committee members:

  • L Hindjou (Chairperson)

Qualification (Validation) Sub-Committee duties:

  • Preparation of Unit Standards for all Category of Architectural & Quantity Surveying Professions.
  • Arranging for Validation of the Architectural Courses offered by the Polytechnic of Namibia.
  • Being represented on Curriculum Advisory Committee of Polytechnic for the Architectural Course
  • Arranging for Validation of Quantity Surveying Correspondence Course offered in Namibia.
  • Arranging for the CPD Guidelines and its Policies.
5. The Examination Sub-Committee:

(Acting as per Clause 7(1)(i) of the Act 13 1979)

5.1 Current sub-committee members:

  • P Main (Chairperson)

Sub-Committee duties:

  • Preparing the examination papers for the Architect-in-training and Quantity Surveyors-in-training.
  • Conduct oral interviews / APC’s.
6. The Rules and Regulations Sub-Committee:
(Acting as a sub-committee to Disciplinary issues, as per Clause 13,14,15,16,17,18 and 21, and Gov. Gazette 4508, 12 August 1981)

6.1 Current sub-committee members:

  • T Tshilunga (Chairperson)

Sub-Committee duties:

  • Tasked to revise the rules and regulations published in the Government Gazette (no.4508) on the 12 August 1981, to be in line with the New Act that will be promulgated early next year.
7. The Disciplinary Sub-Committee:
(Acting as per Clause 15,16,17,18 and 21, and Gov. Gazette 4508, 12 August 1981).

7.1 Current committee members:

  • L Haufiku (Chairperson)

Sub-Committee duties:

  • Enquire procedures into cases of improper conduct and issue punishment,
  • On an adhoc basis complaints are investigated regarding unprofessional conduct and transgressions of the Rules and Regulations. The Sub-Committee has no decision-making power, but reports to the Council for final disciplinary action.
8. The Fees and Disbursements Sub-Committee:

8.1 Current sub-committee members:

  • D Adams (Chairperson)

Sub-Committee duties:

  • Revise the current fees and disbursements structures and hourly time charges, and make recommendations to Council that will be submitted to the Department of Works.
9. Competitions / NIA Representative:

9.1  Current sub-committee members:

  • All council members


  • With NIA Competitions sub-committee:
  • Competitions – Structuring Architectural Competition Guidelines of which comprises of the following: Rules, Costs, Program, Judging Conduct of the Competition, Approval Procedure.
  • Advising Public and NIAS on Act and Guidelines
  • Selecting the type of Competitions offered by the Council in terms of the Architects and Quantity Surveyors Act (11of 1979).
  • Call on Assistance if & when a competition is registered. 
10. Institution Representatives - NIA / INQS:

10.1 Current sub-committee members:

  • INQS Representative – L Hindjou
  • NIA Representative – N Agapitus


  • Liaise with Institutions – NIA and INQS – supply brief report of Institutions meetings / issues for inclusion to NCAQS Board minutes.
  • Report back to NIA & INQS on NCAQS Issues – good communication.

11.1 Current sub-committee members:

  • D Adams
  • K Nkandi