Registration Policy

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Requirements for Registration

In deciding whether candidates meet the requirements for registration, the NCAQS will seek, through the APC, to establish that candidates:

  • Have learned to apply their theoretical knowledge through professional training and experience to attain practical skills
  • Have an up-to-date knowledge of legal and technical matters relevant to the country of their practice
  • Develop the confidence to work unsupervised as part of the professional team and build up experience in client contact
  • Possess the highest level of professional integrity and objectivity and will at all times act in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct of the NCAQS in order to be good ambassadors for the profession
  • Recognise their duties to clients, employers and the community
  • Are aware of the need to pay particular attention to accuracy and essential detail to safeguard the interest of employers and clients
  • Can communicate in English, both orally and in writing, and prepare reports which are well structured and grammatically correct

2.1 Architects/ Quantity Surveyors In-Training

All candidates that wish to register as professional Architects or Quantity Surveyors must:

  1. Have a qualification from a tertiary institution in the appropriate field of study approved by the NCAQS as per Annexure C and D
  2. Remain registered as an Architect in-training or Quantity Surveyor-intraining in Namibia for the duration of their in- training period and obtain the minimum practical experience in Namibia as set out in these Guidelines
  3. Be employed and working fulltime in Namibia under the direct supervision of an Architect or Quantity Surveyor, registered with the NCAQS for the duration of the in-training period
  4. Maintain a diary and submit logbooks or training reords and reports to the NCAQS as set out in Annexure A and B, respectively.
  5. Undertake at least 6 hours annually of Continued Professional Development during their prescribed training period
  6. Pass the Assessment of Professional Competence of the Namibia Council for Architects & Quantity Surveyors as set out in these Guidelines at the end of their in-training period

2.2 Architects/ Quantity Surveyors registered as Professionals in other countries

All Architects and Quantity Surveyors registered with other approved Professional Bodies that wish to register with the NCAQS must:

  1. Remain registered as an Architect in-training or Quantity Surveyor intraining until he/she has passed the APC
  2. Work fulltime in Namibia with an Architect or Quantity Surveyor registered with the NCAQS for a minimum period of 18 (Eighteen) months and remain employed until he/she has passed the APC
  3. Submit logbooks, training records and reports of work conducted during this time as set out in Annexure A and B, respectively before sitting for the APC
  4. Pass the Assessment of Professional Competence of the Namibia Council for Architects & Quantity Surveyors as set out in these Guidelines

All applications will be evaluated individually and candidates may be required to adhere to additional requirements as might be deemed necessary.

2.3 How to apply for Registration

Persons who do not have the minimum academic qualification will not be eligible for registration. If unsure, please contact the office of the NCAQS telephonically.

  1. Complete the online application form and submit the following scanned documents on the website (
    • Employers Undertaking – to be certified and have the Company stamp affixed (download here)
    • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate/ ID /Passport (certification not older than 3 months)
    • Certified copy of Work Permit/Visa (non-citizens only)
    • Proof of registration as a Professional with Professional Bodies from other countries (If applicable)
    • Proof of enrolment with NIA/INQS
    • Certified Copy of Highest Qualification and transcripts of all qualifications obtained (certification not older than 3months)
    • Verification of qualification by NQA or SAQA
    • Verification by Digiverify if qualification is not obtained from a Namibian or South African University.
  2. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory and you will not be able to save your submission if incomplete.
  3. You will receive an automatically generated Application Fee invoice at the end of your application, which you are personally liable for.
  4. Pay the non-refundable application fee using your Invoice number as reference.
  5. Failure to pay the registration fee within 30-days will cause all your application data to be deleted and you will have to re-apply.
  6. Payment can be made online, via EFT or direct deposit.
  7. Forward proof of payment to
  8. Please note that the entire registration process will only proceed once payment and all the required documentation have been submitted.
  9. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified in writing of your Registration as an Architect/Quantity Surveyor in-training as well as your route to register as a professional
  10. After completion of your in-training period, you must apply to sit the Assessment for Professional Competence as stipulated in Section 4 of this document.
  11. Once you have passed the APC you will be registered as an Architect/Quantity Surveyor

2.4 Fees

  1. A non-refundable Application fee of N$1,500.00 is due with your Application for Registration.
  2. An Assessment fee of N$2,000.00 is due with your Application for Final Assessment.
  3. If candidates do not successfully complete the Final Assessment, the Assessment fee will be payable for each successive assessment.
  4. An Annual Registration Fee of N$2,00.00 is due for Architects/ Quantity Surveyors in-training and N$3,750.00 for Registered Architects and Quantity Surveyors